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Hello everyone!!✌

I am Aasis, a fifteen year old Indian girl, and I am here to give you all  some suggestions and ways to spread happiness and love amongst the people around you…and also to tell you some interesting facts about human psychology…… may be I am too young to talk about these things….but I guess age can never be a problem when you want to do something good…in fact,as the youth….its our responsibility to take a step towards an amazing and a happy future!! So..let us take an initiative to make this world a happy place to live in!!❤❤❤❤ #stayblessed 😇😇





All of us…In one or the other phase of our lives expect a lot of things from the GREAT GIVER..GOD…and of course, most of the times HE doesn’t disappoint us..because HE CARES..But have you ever thought of the consequences if HE would have backed out saying that it’s not HIS job?….It’s NOT HIS JOB to take care of HIS children..because HE is not being benefited by it??…Then…why do we…being his children…back out from humanity??

Imagine someone very close to your heart lying on a hospital bed(I wish it never happens)…fighting for his life..he needs BLOOD….but it’s not availaible, of course, due to lack of donors…FEEL those emotions…try to transport yourself to that miserable…helpless state…when you are not able to do anything for him…
I am sure that your heart will stop beating for those few moments…your world will stop for a while…or may be for forever…
Then THINK about those who lose their loved ones just due to unavailability of blood in Hospitals…
Whenever I ask people to donate blood…they give me hundreds of reasons as to why they can’t donate Blood..BUT honestly…I just have One reason to convince you to donate it…IT can give happiness to YOUR GOD….to the one you the one who resides in each and every act we perform…


I mean for God’s sake try to THINK for at least once that our single act of kindness can save someone’s life…or rather it can make OUR GOD Happy…So…DONATE BLOOD to show that YES..WE CARE..❤❤


Even if you can’t donate blood….please encourage people to do so..😊😊


Dear Sister..💕👭 (PART – II)

Dear Sister,

Now that you have turned 26…I realize how beautiful and phenomenal our journey has been.The memories which we have made together and all those spell binding moments which we have spent with each other have suddenly started flashing in front of my eyes.I am hardly struck by this strange feeling called nostalgia…because now that you are married I miss being around you….I miss your presence in each and every moment I live..I know that you will always be there with me….even when you aren’t physically around….but at the same time I wish that I could bring back those old days which made our life equivalent to heaven..

Only you have the power to read my silence and make out if I am happy…sad…frustrated or angry…YOU KNOW ME.I have never seen….or never met God..but I feel that He must be having the kind of innocence you have..Your love has not only made me a better human being…but has also given me a reason to thank God for sending you to my life…


GENDER PROFILING (A BOY..) #BreakTheStereotypes (Part 2.2)

Hey people!!❤❤
So as I promised..I am here with Part 2.2 of Breaking the stereotypes i.e. The stereotypes associated with a Boy…Hope you guys like it😊😊(To read the previous parts…go on to the menu and click breaking the stereotypes)
I am a boy….and since my birth I have been told NOT TO CRY.I have always been encouraged to STAY STRONG and AGGRESSIVE to hold on to my status of being a MAN.About my attitude towards problems….I think the best way is to be PRACTICAL (but please keep me out of the household drama).
Moving on to my preferences….I love action movies and video games (unlike the girls who love shitty Romantic Comedies and Ahhh….how can I forget about those shitty serials???). And as far as I remember…till my 6th birthday or so…people always used to gift me toy guns… toy planes and stuff.(I think they are really cool). Further…I am a mad gym lover and I guess my cool rocking playlist adds to my joy of being in a gym (the only motive of my life is to have 6 pack abs and flirt with girls).And yesssss… everyone who’s reading it….the only thing I want to clear is that  I HATE SHOPPING..(never call me up if you wanna buy something).
Now…since I am telling you every shitty thing about me…so I guess you won’t mind if I request you to never ask me to cook or to perform any household tasks.(afterall I am not a girl..)
Just to add to our conversation I want to tell you that I can never be influenced by anyone.I think being blunt is the new cool.(who cares about others..I AM INDEPENDANT).
I am technical and I think that’s the reason I LOVE MATHS..I am more money Minded and I think money can buy every damn thing in this world (who cares about love??)Of course I can work more efficiently than all the women out there..

About Driving??? Why are you even asking me this question??? (NO ONE CAN MATCH UP TO MY DRIVING SKILLS)..infact I think Girls are the worst drivers you’ll ever meet…why do they even try to drive??
About sports?? Leave it. I am always the best.Afterall all the famous sports personalities are men.
Last but not the least….I want to tell you that being a man…I have all the rights to drink in a haphazard manner and Dominate all the girls out there..isn’t it??

So….these were the stories of both the girls and the boys.But we have actually had enough.I mean not every girl is a fan of romantic movies and serials and not every boy loves action.Neither all the boys love maths nor all the girls hate it.We need to grow up now….as a society…a country and a human race….we need to understand that even boys can be emotional and caring….and it’s absolutely normal….Even girls can drive amazingly and they are not meant to be bounded by the limits of our mindset.

Both men and women have the ability to cook phenomenally and both of them should be given an equal chance to showcase their talent in sports and other activities.We need to think differently and be the change..It’s really important to know that both the boys and the girls have an equal right to choose their life partners…And most importantly..We donot have any right to judge anyone’s character.With this thought let’s begin a new chain of revolution where all of us would be EQUAL…irrespective of our GENDER.


#BreakTheStereotypes #BeTheChange😇😇

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GENDER PROFING (A GIRL) #BreakTheStereotypes (Part 2.1)

Hey everyone!❤

First of all Eid Mubarak to everyone out there…❤❤….may God bless you all with a lot of happiness in life😊
GENDER….I guess this word tends to describe our personality even more than our behaviour.Don’t believe me?? Read the stories of both the girls and the boys in Part-II of Breaking the Stereotypes.(It will be further divided in 2 parts)


I am a girl and I am not strong enough to match the boys around.(or may be I am dependant on them).Never ask me my age because I will kill you if you do.Always limit bounded..I need to take care of the fact that I am A GIRL…and I have no right to go out after 10 and do night shifts at my job.Moreover….I will never be able to work better than men…so what’s the point of arguing??

Wanna know a secret??I am really conscious about my weight?(what would people think of me??)

Driving???NEVER EVER let me drive your vehicle….it will surely become a victim of my bad driving skills.

DONOT MESS WITH ME during my periods…i swear you’ll regret .(But why are we even talking about it???  I am not even allowed at the holy places during THOSE DAYS)

Moving on to my SPECIALITIES…I am the best cook you would ever encounter..(though most of the chefs in this world are men)..I am emotionally stronger(though I am a cry baby and I cry a lot)…and of course I can handle problems better than men.People often say that I am the sweetest person you’ll meet…and the most caring creature made by the God himself.
About my preferences??? I love Romantic movies and serials.
Never dare to ask me if I like maths or not..because I HATE MATHS.

Coming on to my favourite things in this world…MAKEUP AND SHOPPING.(…the one who’s reading it….if you are free..please accompany me to a shopping mall….actually I need to buy some stuff for my kitty).
And….last but not the least I will punch you if you forget my birthday..(or my kitty’s)…because it’s the most important qualification to be my friend.

But…you know what??it’s really sad because people always see me as a good mother….a good sister or a good life partner….they never think of me as a fighter…a learner and an achiever….and…i guess this scenario is never gonna change…😦😦
(To know what the counter part (the boys) says….wait for tomorrow’s post – #BreakingTheStereotypes (PART-2.2))

OMG! You look so fair….#BreakTheStereotypes (PART-1)

Choose your friends by their character and your socks by their colour….Choosing your socks by its character makes no sense…and choosing your friends by their colour is unthinkable. -Anonymous

Hey everyone!❤

 I am here with the first part of Breaking the stereotypes..Hope you guys like it..😊❤

FAIRNESS….how can just a word with 8 letters define someone’s beauty?? Ever had a look at the matrimonial sites?? The first thing most of the people demand is a FAIR LOOKING LIFE PARTNER.The question is WHY?? 

The story started when our favourite fairy tales started portraying FAIR as BEAUTIFUL..when we started selling and using fairness creams to make ourselves realise that if we weren’t that fair…we weren’t BEAUTIFUL enough.”Get a fair skin tone in just 4 weeks” they said…and they gave birth to this disgusting mindset.
Black has always been considered as abominable..we often use words like BLACK MAGIC..BLACK TONGUE…BLACK DEEDS…and what not??it has always meant something which is not acceptable..and this thought has provoked the most famous stereotype of all the times- BEING WHITE IS EQUALLY PROPORTIONAL TO BEING SUPERIOR!

But….enough of this shit now..the shade of our skin CANNOT define our beauty..( of course our shitty mindset can) let’s make  humanity proud of us…and make this world realise that having a mind which thinks for the revolution of the people around… the most beautiful thing ever!❤

#BeTheChange #BreakTheStereotypes😊


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What defines you socially is not what you actually are…

Hey people!❤❤
Ok. I know it has been a while now since I have posted something here I am with this new series of posts called “BREAKING THE STEREOTYPES”.

First of all…..a stereotype is a preconceived notion about a person or a group of people..

Have you guys ever experienced someone laughing at you because you love someone from the opposite sex???…..or have you ever in your life heard about someone telling a boy that he doesn’t need to work?What is the first thought you have when you see a female taxi/ truck driver? Oh! of course some of you guys wouldn’t even have seen a lady driver…(even I haven’t encountered one)Ever accepted your child/sibling/friend or any of your relatives changing his/her religion?(If you accept it….trust me…this world needs more people like you). 

Why is our personality and our identity just limited to these stereotypes?? Why can’t we see someone standing out of the limits of our thinking???

This is just a trailer of how the world around us has been surrounded by these long lasting stereotypes….The film is yet to release..So…it’s time to BREAK THE STEREOTYPES…to think beyond bars and BE THE CHANGE we want to witness in this world…I guess…this is the only way we can develop as a a country..and as a human race..
This is actually going to be a series of weekly posts which will force you to see this world with a different and an improved perspective.

Love.Respect.Care ❤❤#StayBlessed😇😇


Hello people!!

Billions of people in this world…and Billion are the modes of worship….some open their hands..and some join them while praying…some simply meditate…while others believe in charity….I will be a fool if I start making this list..It’s endless!!

But have you ever wondered what’s common in all these modes of worship??-LOVE AND PURITY…each and every time when you help someone…when you realise that there is someone who’s making your life worth living…That time….when you think that life is beautiful…and…that magical moment when you think that you are being transported from a painful world of darkness to a much bright and beautiful world of happiness..when the candles of love enlighten your soul..when your eyes show all your feelings…when you make your heaven over here, in this world..That’s the moment when you worship..That’s the moment when your heart is pure..which is beyond the limitations of particular days or dates…

So…How do you WORSHIP??..and can you relate with this post??Do Comment your views in the comment section below. 🙂



An Eternal Bond….

Some roads never end..

Because they make us bend..

Some memories never fade..

Because they give our life a new shade..

You saw me crying…

You saw my dreams flying…

You saw my smiles and all my frowns…

You saw my life with all ups and downs..

You taught me to pray..

And…to never betray…

You taught me to respect…

And…to never expect…

You made my life worth living..

You made me worth believing…

I always used to stray…

You showed me the right way…

And…Ah! That tasty food…

which always made my mood…

And..those beautiful eyes…

Which closed before sunrise…

But that bond never died…

Because those eyes never lied..

Those days with you were magical..

They made my life phenomenal…

I know we are going to meet again..

But what about this unbearable pain??

I love you Grandma…and this love is eternal…

Which is not going to end even after my funeral…

– Aasis



Dear sister…❤👭

Dear sister…👭

We screamed…we fought

And i agree we never thought…

I never thought that there will be a day like this…
When there’ll be no one to fight and no one to kiss..

Life has been on a low note..

Because…no one is there to sail my boat..

All your clothes used to be mine..And…and that too of your favourite design..

You took care of everything  i wanted…but you never showed or never flaunted…

Just few years…that’s all what we had..

And we didn’t have any time to add.. you had to go to some other house..

To take care of everyone and become a spouse..

But…what about us and our incomplete fights??

And about all those sleepless yet memorable nights…

We had to do a lot of crazy stuff…

I believe we haven’t had enough…

I don’t know if i am sounding silly…

But i confess that I feel lonely…

Everything I did was only with you…

Every time i smiled was only for you..

wait a sec. … We’ll remain enemies forever..Because both of us know who’s more clever

I know you have your own life…

And i know you now are called as a wife..

But what about those empty spaces??

Those beautiful shoes and untied laces??

Now who will tell me how to behave how to not…

And who will fill that empty slot??

You are my star….you are my firefly..

And you are the one who can never see me cry…

Never let my life be on downhills…

And keep on paying all my bills..😂

And don’t worry i will always remember…

That you were born on 14th November..

My life has become an irritating cross road…

And that too without any sign board…

No one is there to show me a way…

Shit! Life is something we can not even replay..

But..I promise..i am not going to cry..

I am really Sorry…as It was a lie..😢😢


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! elder sister❤❤ you!!😘😘

Dedicated to all the beautiful sisters out there..❤❤❤❤ #stayblessed 😇 

The Best Diwali (A Festival in India) surprise…❤❤

Rockets in the sky…lights all  around….but happiness on some faces was still not found…

They were the ones who lived on the street…and for them it was a day offbeat..

A girl shared some sweets with them…and turned out to be a shining gem…

At last she cured all their cries..and gave them the best diwali surprise..❤❤




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