For the modes of faith let the graceless zealots fight….his can’t be wrong who’s on the right!!

Hello people!!😊

There are  thousands of religions existing  in this world…different people have different beliefs, opinions and way of living…but only thing which connects them is “love” and “care” for each other.As a human being,it is our responsibility to respect every person and their way of living.But some people,  cross their limits and start fighting for their opinion and religion and eventually it results in hatred !! 
On the other hand,there are some people who do charity and get a lot of good wishes in return!!They do good…and have good!!They think beyond the limits and create an atmosphere of love and peace!!❀❀

So…CHARITY is one suggestion for spreading happiness on the faces of those who deserve every bit of it!!❀❀

Love.Respect.Care ❀❀  #stayblessed πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡


13 thoughts on “CHARITY…

  1. Amazing thoughts. As far as I’ve read what is required is love and care and that can happen only when we respect each other’s opinion. So keep it up. 😊

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