Music and  Happiness..🎼🎼❤❤

Music gives a soul to the universe..wings to the mind…flight to the imagination and life to everything ❤❤🎼🎶🎶

Hello people!!

“Happiness is like a perfume….you can’t pour it on others unless and until you have a few drops on yourself”💕💕

For spreading happiness….you yourself need to be happy first…and music is something which has the power to make you happy anytime!!….trust  me and try it at least once…plug in your earphones…switch to your favourite music track..and listen to it for sometime…after sometime…you will find that it really works…your mood gets  better and you feel light!! This is the power of gives you positive vibes and gives you a strange strength to face everything!!

Sometimes its better to disconnect yourself from the entire world, sit back and relax…its rather amazing!!

Music helps in changing the mood instantly….it feels like you are in heaven ….it is an awesome feeling to have a magic like music surrounding you. Isn’t it??

Leave your comments and please give your views!!😊😊

Love.Respect.Care❤❤ #stayblessed 😇😇


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