Is the reality really real? -Part-I (HAPPY OR SAD?)

Hello people!!✌✌

Here I am with the first part of IS THE REALITY REALLY REAL?…hope you will like it..😊😊

As I said every person has two sides of his/her personality…today I am going to talk about the people who seem to be really happy and joyful from outside but actually are the saddest and the loneliest ones from inside…the ones who speak a lot…the ones who seem to be like “jokers”….they just want to hide their dark side from the entire world!!….they just don’t want anyone else to go through from which they are suffering..

They try to be cheerful from inside….but always fail!! They themselves don’t even know the reason behind their loneliness..

They have the purest heart and the wisest mind….they always wish to have someone around….who could shower love, care and happiness on them….these people just need someone’s support….a person who could drive them from the black shades of darkness to the bright colours of happiness…❤❤ Isn’t that cool??…do you know someone like that?? JUST COMMENT IF YOU ARE AWARE OF THIS KIND OF MYSTERIOUS PERSONALITY AROUND YOU..😊😊

Stay tuned for the next part and please give some suggestions if you have any..😊😊

Love.Respect.Care #stayblessed 😇😇❤❤


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