Religious Intolerance..#ChangeYourMentality😐😐

Hello people!!✌

I am back again with yet another interesting post…hope you will like it..😊

We have a no. of religions and beliefs existing on this earth….People differ in their way of praying…but they are similar to each other when it comes to feelings..THEY HAVE DIFFERENT PATHS….BUT THE SAME DESTINATION..

Especially….in a secular country like India..where we never had any state religion and we’ll never have one too..

So how does it matter to anyone??…every person has his/her own way of praying to God and asking for what they want..then why do some people always have to prove the other person wrong??

They do not even think or care before passing racist comments…I mean you have no right to say anything about anyone’s beliefs…it is their life and it totally depends on them how to live and which religion to follow..

May be…sometimes this problem is with the people who actually think that their beliefs are 100% correct and the others are wrong..i mean.. you must be right but you can’t say that the others are wrong!!

Saying…that you “don’t like” a community just because you came across some bad people in the past is really pathetic😠…may be you have had a bad experience….but it doesn’t mean that everyone (from that particular community ) is at fault or is like that!!

Sometimes….people also make fun of someone’s appearance…and their way of dressing (associated with the person’s religion)..They have to understand that they have no right to say that!! The only thing which I wish to say them is…For God’s sake please LIVE AND LET LIVE!!

As we are living in a society and we are social animals…we should know how to respect someone’s feelings and situations because we are the youngsters and we have the power to change the entire world and make it a better place to live in.. as afterall…God has not sent us on this earth to fight for these things…He always wanted us to spread happiness with our words….with our thoughts and with our actions..❤❤ 

Please comment if you want me to write more posts on equality and topics like that!!😊😊❤❤

Learn to respect..Learn to love….Learn to care. #stayblessed 😇 😇 


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