Hello people!!

Billions of people in this world…and Billion are the modes of worship….some open their hands..and some join them while praying…some simply meditate…while others believe in charity….I will be a fool if I start making this list..It’s endless!!

But have you ever wondered what’s common in all these modes of worship??-LOVE AND PURITY…each and every time when you help someone…when you realise that there is someone who’s making your life worth living…That time….when you think that life is beautiful…and…that magical moment when you think that you are being transported from a painful world of darkness to a much bright and beautiful world of happiness..when the candles of love enlighten your soul..when your eyes show all your feelings…when you make your heaven over here, in this world..That’s the moment when you worship..That’s the moment when your heart is pure..which is beyond the limitations of particular days or dates…

So…How do you WORSHIP??..and can you relate with this post??Do Comment your views in the comment section below. πŸ™‚




8 thoughts on “HOW DO YOU WORSHIP??

  1. I feel like even though all the religions spread peace and love, they still divide or label people, which is often used against them. But of course, everyone has their own opinions and as long as we are promoting the greater good, it’s all well! xx

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    1. Yes…even i believe the same…and may be that’s the reason that I never associate myself with a particular religion…But… you said…opinions differ from person to person…and all the opinions need to be respected πŸ™‚

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