What defines you socially is not what you actually are…

Hey people!❤❤
Ok. I know it has been a while now since I have posted something here I am with this new series of posts called “BREAKING THE STEREOTYPES”.

First of all…..a stereotype is a preconceived notion about a person or a group of people..

Have you guys ever experienced someone laughing at you because you love someone from the opposite sex???…..or have you ever in your life heard about someone telling a boy that he doesn’t need to work?What is the first thought you have when you see a female taxi/ truck driver? Oh! of course some of you guys wouldn’t even have seen a lady driver…(even I haven’t encountered one)Ever accepted your child/sibling/friend or any of your relatives changing his/her religion?(If you accept it….trust me…this world needs more people like you). 

Why is our personality and our identity just limited to these stereotypes?? Why can’t we see someone standing out of the limits of our thinking???

This is just a trailer of how the world around us has been surrounded by these long lasting stereotypes….The film is yet to release..So…it’s time to BREAK THE STEREOTYPES…to think beyond bars and BE THE CHANGE we want to witness in this world…I guess…this is the only way we can develop as a a country..and as a human race..
This is actually going to be a series of weekly posts which will force you to see this world with a different and an improved perspective.

Love.Respect.Care ❤❤#StayBlessed😇😇



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