OMG! You look so fair….#BreakTheStereotypes (PART-1)

Choose your friends by their character and your socks by their colour….Choosing your socks by its character makes no sense…and choosing your friends by their colour is unthinkable. -Anonymous

Hey everyone!❀

 I am here with the first part of Breaking the stereotypes..Hope you guys like it..😊❀

FAIRNESS….how can just a word with 8 letters define someone’s beauty?? Ever had a look at the matrimonial sites?? The first thing most of the people demand is a FAIR LOOKING LIFE PARTNER.The question is WHY?? 

The story started when our favourite fairy tales started portraying FAIR as BEAUTIFUL..when we started selling and using fairness creams to make ourselves realise that if we weren’t that fair…we weren’t BEAUTIFUL enough.”Get a fair skin tone in just 4 weeks” they said…and they gave birth to this disgusting mindset.
Black has always been considered as abominable..we often use words like BLACK MAGIC..BLACK TONGUE…BLACK DEEDS…and what not??it has always meant something which is not acceptable..and this thought has provoked the most famous stereotype of all the times- BEING WHITE IS EQUALLY PROPORTIONAL TO BEING SUPERIOR!

But….enough of this shit now..the shade of our skin CANNOT define our beauty..( of course our shitty mindset can) let’s make  humanity proud of us…and make this world realise that having a mind which thinks for the revolution of the people around… the most beautiful thing ever!❀

#BeTheChange #BreakTheStereotypes😊


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