GENDER PROFILING (A GIRL) #BreakTheStereotypes (Part 2.1)

Hey everyone!❀

First of all Eid Mubarak to everyone out there…❀❀….may God bless you all with a lot of happiness in life😊
GENDER….I guess this word tends to describe our personality even more than our behaviour.Don’t believe me?? Read the stories of both the girls and the boys in Part-II of Breaking the Stereotypes.(It will be further divided in 2 parts)


I am a girl and I am not strong enough to match the boys around.(or may be I am dependant on them).Never ask me my age because I will kill you if you do.Always limit bounded..I need to take care of the fact that I am A GIRL…and I have no right to go out after 10 and do night shifts at my job.Moreover….I will never be able to work better than men…so what’s the point of arguing??

Wanna know a secret??I am really conscious about my weight?(what would people think of me??)

Driving???NEVER EVER let me drive your vehicle….it will surely become a victim of my bad driving skills.

DONOT MESS WITH ME during my periods…i swear you’ll regret .(But why are we even talking about it??? Β I am not even allowed at the holy places during THOSE DAYS)

Moving on to my SPECIALITIES…I am the best cook you would ever encounter..(though most of the chefs in this world are men)..I am emotionally stronger(though I am a cry baby and I cry a lot)…and of course I can handle problems better than men.People often say that I am the sweetest person you’ll meet…and the most caring creature made by the God himself.
About my preferences??? I love Romantic movies and serials.
Never dare to ask me if I like maths or not..because I HATE MATHS.

Coming on to my favourite things in this world…MAKEUP AND SHOPPING.(…the one who’s reading it….if you are free..please accompany me to a shopping mall….actually I need to buy some stuff for my kitty).
And….last but not the least I will punch you if you forget my birthday..(or my kitty’s)…because it’s the most important qualification to be my friend.

But…you know what??it’s really sad because people always see me as a good mother….a good sister or a good life partner….they never think of me as a fighter…a learner and an achiever….and…i guess this scenario is never gonna change…😦😦
(To know what the counter part (the boys) says….wait for tomorrow’s post – #BreakingTheStereotypes (PART-2.2))


11 thoughts on “GENDER PROFILING (A GIRL) #BreakTheStereotypes (Part 2.1)

  1. Absolutely the situation right now lurking in the world. Everyone has to understand that these are just stereotypes and have to be destroyed. We are definitely stronger and smarter depending on the person:)

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    1. yes…you are absolutely right….that’s what the point is…..enough of this shit now…..we have actually had enough….i mean…i am a girl…and i neither like make up….nor i am mad for we just need to put a full stop to these silly stereotypes…

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