The Best Diwali (A Festival in India) surprise…❤❤

Rockets in the sky…lights all  around….but happiness on some faces was still not found…

They were the ones who lived on the street…and for them it was a day offbeat..

A girl shared some sweets with them…and turned out to be a shining gem…

At last she cured all their cries..and gave them the best diwali surprise..❤❤




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The unexpected lovers…💕💕

​How we met was the biggest disaster…

How we connected was like a beautiful  miracle…

Our eyes started connecting…which was never expected

And…you became my life…which was never predicted…❤❤


P.S.- I just wrote this for trying a different genre😂😂

THAT PAIN IN THEIR EYES…(A true story)💕💕

She died.
But she left behind all the memories…the love and the positivity..❤

All she did..was only for others…and all she wanted was a smile on their face.

She gave them an eternal feeling of love..

But after she left…

Their heart broke into pieces…they couldn’t even realise what happened…

It was so sudden…that they couldn’t even say those three magical words to her…

They felt incomplete…

Their eyes showed it all…all the pain and the suffering..

Those feelings had now captured their heart forever…😢😢

Afterall. …she was the one to give them birth..

And was the one who brought them on earth..

But slowly and steadily they had to realise..

That no one can run away from His (God’s) eyes…

We can’t hide from this truth for long..

Because…That’s where we all belong!!


Love.Respect.Stay Blessed 😇😇❤❤

A letter to God!!..(my best friend)❤❤😘😘😘

Hello God!!✌
First of all….what’s up?? the way…why am i asking this question??…you must be doing good i suppose..

All my life….i have been told to treat you as my father..but sorry!..because I don’t feel like calling you my father….i love you a lot and you are my best friend….who is always there by my side to support me…to love me….to have faith in me…and above all….to show me the right path!!❤

I know..sometimes you just love testing me and my patience…but it’s Ok!!..because I trust you..and this eternal trust and this bond will always keep us together..

People often Ask me to find you in the places of worship…but they don’t have any idea about our connection…(and dare you tell them about this😜)….they often tell me to choose a religion..

But which religion should I choose??..which path should I follow??…or Which “God” should i believe in??…I know you are just THE ONE..everyone talks about…but then why does everyone fight for you???….even if they perceive you as their father…then why do they fight with their own  brothers and sisters…just because they call you with a different name??

You know..i never ask you to provide me with strength..because you yourself are my biggest strength..but ya!!..I would like to thank you for sending a bunch of really loving creatures in my life…you have always taken care of my needs..and take care of some special people who have come to you..who have left me just because they found your company THE BEST!!…may be this is the magic of your charm which works on almost everyone..❤❤wow dude!!..honestly …I really miss them…but it’s ok..afterall you are my best friend!!…but..please provide them with the world’s happiness..

People come…and people go..but you are the only constant thing or rather a constant feeling in my life!! complete me.. you inspire me..❤❤You have always been there…whenever I needed you…in all my good and bad times…you are my shining star…my first love..and the most precious gift….I can never imagine a life without you…and you’ll have to promise me…that you’ll never leave me alone! Love you GODDY!!💕💕🙈🙈



Love.Respect.Care💕💕 #stayblessed 😇 😇 

Sometimes in life…💕💕(personal views)

Hello everyone!!💕💕
First of all… thank you so much  for giving so much of love and affection to my previous post “yes! I am a girl…”you all inspire me….motivate me to post more and more!!…love you guys!!❤❤

So…I am here with another interesting yet emotional post!!!!💕

We all are aware that life is full of ups and downs…and after every down hill….there’s an up hill waiting for us..but sometimes in life…you don’t really know what to do….you don’t have any idea about your next step….and you are scared….scared to face the reality…and i am kinda sure it must be happening with almost everyone..

We meet a no. Of people…and get attached to the special ones….but…when we lose them….we just start becoming pessimistic….we start hating our life more than ever….and store that frustration inside us..

Because now…we will not be able to see them…touch them…talk to them….and trust me…that feeling is really painful…because now….there are just  the memories which are left with us…and nothing else..Their actions…which once used to cherish your life…and lighten up your life like a shining star 🌟….will now not be seen!

About 15 days back…someone just told me…that love doesn’t lie in physically meeting or touching someone…it is not that weak to be dependent on these things..NEVER!! It is all about feeling….from heart❤…may be he was right…may be we shouldn’t be sad when we lose someone…may be we should remember that person happily ….i know it’s not easy at all….because someone’s absence can result in the complete transformation of life…but we can always learn from that particular person how to spread love, happiness and smile because smile is the most precious gift of God!!😊




Yes! I am a girl..❤❤

Yes i am a girl..My God treats me like a pearl..💎

He made me patient…to treat the impatient..❤

Freedom is what i need…love is what makes me keen..😀

I do not demand for supremacy…All I demand is equality..😌

Equality in making my own decisions…Afterall i have my own visions..☺

I have my own life…It’s not just to become a wife..💟

I do not know if I am right or wrong…But i don’t  think it’s  only the kitchen where i belong…✌

I have my own aspirations…i am not made for all the adaptations..😣

I don’t want to marry…i want to fly like a fairy..😇

I wish to fly and to dream..But I know it’s not as easy as it seems..😳

There are some people who want to cut my wings..and it’s all because of their so called kings..😠

Yes! I bleed four days a month…but it doesn’t mean that i am blunt.😡

I don’t know why i feel so low..but i try my best not to show..😯

People think that I am weak…They don’t know I have my own technique..✌

God has given me a special power..To think like a genius and smell like a flower..🌷

I aspire to fulfil every dream of mine…because i know i have the ability to shine…🌞

All I want is freedom…because i do not want to be dumb..😊

I think that I am blessed…to cure the ones who are stressed..😇

My innocence is not my weakness…I think it is rather my uniqueness..👩

I want to go out and loudly shout..that Yes! I AM A GIRL….AND MY GOD TREATS ME LIKE A PEARL!!💕💕


Love.Respect.Care❤❤ #stayblessed 😇 


We thought of money and forgot our family…

We fought for beliefs and became  wild  thieves…

Neither mom..nor the wife…No one will be able to save our life…

We came alone…we have to go alone… it’s our grave where we all belong..

Ego,hatred,money…they’ll all stay here…but love..and memories..that’s what we have to take there…

Everyone has to go…may be today or tomorrow…it will never matter what we all show..

Live every moment.. no one knows tomorrow….because life is something you cannot even borrow..

We cry..we lie…and finally we die…because that’s where we all belong..

Spread love..because that’s what everyone is going to remember….irrespective of your cast, creed and gender..

At the end…it’s only our memories  which are left…because it’s the God this time who performs a major theft!!

He gives..He has the power of stealing too..but it’s hard to convince our heart…because it is stubborn too!!

Life is actually wierd…we are really happy when a mother gives birth to someone…but in the end..we ourselves burn the same person..

I don’t know if it is about souls…but someone’s absence can result in big holes…

Holes in the relationships….which had already gone through a lot of hardships..

Strength is all what we require …but it isn’t possible because life is a liar..!!

Say what you want to say…until it is too late..

Hug them…love them..kiss them…so that you don’t regret when you lose them..


Love.Respect.Care❤❤ #stayblessed😇

“Love”- The Fundamental Need Of Our Life…💕💕 -PART- I

Hello People!!❤✌

I am back again with a bang!!..thanks for all your “love” and support..😊😊

“LOVE”- Is it just a word or something else??….I don’t know what has happened to me today…I have been thinking about it since morning!! (P.S. -I know that’s too much)😅….But ya…it is something which every person aspires for!love is something which enlightens our life like a shining star🌟…It has the power to change a person’s life forever and  convert him from a monster😈 to a caring human being😁..It makes a person ‘s life heaven and provides him with the power to fight with all the obstacles which come in his way..👣👣
Love actually doesn’t happen….but it is felt from the heart…This feeling can conquer our hearts anytime and it is so sudden that we don’t even get to know about it…

When I mention about love….I give an indication towards a feeling which we generate for a person who cares for us…and that person can be anyone…our mother…father….sister….girlfriend… friend…etc. etc. etc.

When in love….a person is filled with very positive vibes and he gets to know a different way of living life!!❤❤

Stay tuned for the next part!! 😊😊

Love.Respect.Care ❤❤  #stayblessed😇😇


Religious Intolerance..#ChangeYourMentality😐😐

Hello people!!✌

I am back again with yet another interesting post…hope you will like it..😊

We have a no. of religions and beliefs existing on this earth….People differ in their way of praying…but they are similar to each other when it comes to feelings..THEY HAVE DIFFERENT PATHS….BUT THE SAME DESTINATION..

Especially….in a secular country like India..where we never had any state religion and we’ll never have one too..

So how does it matter to anyone??…every person has his/her own way of praying to God and asking for what they want..then why do some people always have to prove the other person wrong??

They do not even think or care before passing racist comments…I mean you have no right to say anything about anyone’s beliefs…it is their life and it totally depends on them how to live and which religion to follow..

May be…sometimes this problem is with the people who actually think that their beliefs are 100% correct and the others are wrong..i mean.. you must be right but you can’t say that the others are wrong!!

Saying…that you “don’t like” a community just because you came across some bad people in the past is really pathetic😠…may be you have had a bad experience….but it doesn’t mean that everyone (from that particular community ) is at fault or is like that!!

Sometimes….people also make fun of someone’s appearance…and their way of dressing (associated with the person’s religion)..They have to understand that they have no right to say that!! The only thing which I wish to say them is…For God’s sake please LIVE AND LET LIVE!!

As we are living in a society and we are social animals…we should know how to respect someone’s feelings and situations because we are the youngsters and we have the power to change the entire world and make it a better place to live in.. as afterall…God has not sent us on this earth to fight for these things…He always wanted us to spread happiness with our words….with our thoughts and with our actions..❤❤ 

Please comment if you want me to write more posts on equality and topics like that!!😊😊❤❤

Learn to respect..Learn to love….Learn to care. #stayblessed 😇 😇 

Rain and Happiness..😀🙈 (Personal Experience)..

Hello people!!✌

Today I am really happy and I feel like dancing..singing and doing a lot of crazy stuff!!…It is a kinda beautiful rainy day here in New Delhi (India)..and it is the best feeling to experience this kind of weather after I guess a week..

We were in the school today and it suddenly started raining…the cold breeze touched our faces like the heaven’s essence and we couldn’t control our happiness…It’s not that it doesn’t rain over here… (it does)….but I don’t know…today it was something special…Me and my friends really loved it….it was really awesome..!! In fact, I love rains…❤❤ They are really mesmerising!!

For some people…rainy season is the best season for romance (I don’t know…why am I mentioning this😜) But ya…may be it is because most of the Indian (Hindi) romantic movies revolve around this kind of weather…Two lovers…they just sing, dance and do a lot of crazy stuff in  the rains..I love it!!❤❤

Rain Rain everywhere….come always everywhere!!💕💕 (Ps- I know I am bad at writing jingles 😂😂 )

So what do you guys think??…Do you love rains??….comment your views…

Love.Respect.Care ❤ ❤  #stayblessed😇😇